summer in the city

status report:

i am “moved in” at my new place. it is baller, but also mostly really empty because batia and emma aren’t there, and also i still have a bunch of stuff in boxes/on my floor because i am bad at unpacking/being alive. more on this later. mostly i wanted to say that since i don’t own a router or a modem and apparently you need both of those things to have internet in your house, i don’t have internet in my house, and therefore blog posts are going to be sparse until i feel like going to best buy or something. my ex-boyfriend used to like to prank best buy employees, he would go in and ask for technology and electronics that didn’t really exist because he knew they wouldn’t know the difference between a blu-ray player and a copper-plated bathroom ionizer. anyways. i hope heather has a lot of feelings, enough for a week or so. i’m going to go lay on my hardwood floor and maybe “read a book” or something.



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2 responses to “summer in the city

  1. Batia

    We have a modem it is in my room.

  2. Batia

    Also talk to the guys downstairs and see if they mind letting you use the wireless/sharing until we get set up. Hint: talk to Alex

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