Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Oh look, this entry is on a Sunday –– I am turning into Rachel! JKLOL Rachel.

This vacation, obvs. Things I will miss when I fly home include Tower Bridge, the tube and the facility with which I can buy a brie-and-cranberry sandwich.

Glee this week, also obvs. Putting aside that they only did two Lady Gaga numbers in an episode that was touted as The All-Gaga-All-the-Time Episode –– though they did play “Speechless” in the background once, a nice touch –– the episode was pretty close to excellent.  Kurt’s dad’s speech had me going “HELLS YEAH” for the entirety.  And Finn in the PVC dress!  The lobster on Brittany’s head!  And oh, oh, when they did (a modified version of) the dance for “Bad Romance”!!*

*Though I don’t quite understand why they changed “I’m a free bitch” to “I’m a freak, baby,” as Tina uses the word “bitch” in dialogue in the opening scene of the episode.  And in their cover of “Poker Face,” they sang “She has got to love nobody” rather than “She’s got me like nobody,” which is how I’ve always heard it.  Is that just me?  Have I been mishearing “Poker Face” all this time?



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2 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. emma

    i don’t watch glee, but my dad does (don’t ask) and i watched this past one because i thought it would be all gaga. but then they were singing “funny girl” and i was like THIS IS NOT A GAGA SONG. also i think (know) it’s “she’s got me like nobody.” and “i’m a freak, baby” is not what gaga is trying to say.m

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