Stuff Heather Has Feelings About

This week I’ve decided to expand my list of things from Super Great to generally Worthy of Time/Emotions, because Rachel and I (like many, probs most[?], of you) are graduating, and jeepers does that cloud one’s ability to function.

Things that are Super Great: Rachel and I passing our theses, strip spelling bees (it’s a new fad for Canadian hipsters), the comment thread on Jezebel that made me rethink the ways in which I use the phrase “first world problems” (slash in doing so, in using that, am I again acting like a privileged jerk?), the series finale of Lost (it ends tomorrow night!  I can get on with my life!), the multitude of opportunities I’ve had to dance to “Rude Boy” during Senior Week, and the fact that I leave for London Family Vacay 2010 in two days (!!!!!).

Things I don’t like: packing up my stuff, saying goodbye to the friends that live far away from me, not having a set job, and the amount of bold font I’ve used so far in this post (so I’m going to stop using it).

Things I have mixed feelings about: this whole week (/month/year).  Seriously, some parts of Senior Week have been awesome –– the dancing! the pool! the free time to hang out with friends! –– but some of it has been awful –– the tiredness! the speedy passage of time! the feeling that I have to store up on friend time NOW, because I might never see them again ever ever ever! the superhuman ability to switch from exuberantly dancing to “Rude Boy,” and then want to do nothing but lie on my bed and listen to Regina Spektor’s Begin to Hope because I’ve become depressed thinking about graduation, all within a twenty-minute span!  Basically I have just been full of thoughts and feelings, but none of them have seemed blogworthy (or, if they were, they felt too blogworthy to actually blog about).  Except on Wednesday I (perhaps unwisely) spilled all my graduation-centric feelings to a reporter from NPR, so if you really care to hear me bravely hiding insecurities/talking too much, you can do it sometime in June, when the segment airs.

ETA: An open apology to Rachel, who has of late clearly been pulling the steamship that is HRHF all by herself, via a rope tied around her waist, despite her back problems.  Rachel, I promise to get my shit together and blog like a functioning human being!  Except not so much next week, because I’ll be busy preventing my parents from getting on the wrong Tube line and pushing them to try “beautiful people food” (e.g. masala from Brick Lane).



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3 responses to “Stuff Heather Has Feelings About

  1. emma

    you guys should have a segment called “emma has feelings about heather and rachel” where i talk about my interpretation of what you did that week.

  2. Rachel

    Heather: “Beautiful people food” is apt. Indian people are hotties.

    Emma: Would be very open to this idea. Although I predict it would mostly just be “Heather did something whimsical, Rachel talked about gay stuff a lot.”

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