seriously we will blog again someday

Mostly I’ve been busy either working or complaining about back pain, so, you know, not a lot of time for blogs. As far as I can tell Heather has been dancing pretty much 24/7. Whenever I do get the urge to blog it is usually just a collection of links I have seen that day which I think are interesting, but I think that’s just because at this point the daily fix structure is so deeply ingrained in me that I cannot think in normal paragraph form like a regular human being. Soon I will start tagging things “lindsay lohan” and “the lynch can do no wrong.” No one will think it is funny.

The only real news I have to report is that I became a Yelp member, in preparation for entering the real world. It’s a big step, but I think I’m ready.


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One response to “seriously we will blog again someday

  1. Heather

    Yeah, I’m having that difficulty too. I’ve been thinking in Super Great format for weeks, long enough that I can’t think of anything to real-blog about.

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