brunch with a side of navelgazing

Like Rachel, I am also lingering in a state between done-with-finals and legit graduation.  Ostensibly this means I would have more time for blogging than usual, or at least tumblring, but mostly I feel weird and bored and whiny all the time, and who wants to read about that?  Not you guys.  I don’t even want to.  All of my problems are either made up, of the First World variety, or both.  Which really should be a comfort, but in practicality, makes me (feel like a) worse (human being).

Example: turns out that listening/mouthing the words to “Total Eclipse” seven hundred times won’t make graduation go away, it will just make everything feel Even More Epic Than Before, and you will still have to buy your cap and gown for the price of $54, exorbitant considering you will never wear the thing again –– unless, as your parents and relatives suggest, you dress as a judge for Halloween, and let’s be frank, you could do so much better for Halloween.  (I bought the cap/gown yesterday, but have not tried either on yet.  I’ll get there.)

Also, your meal plan ends today, apparently, even though you have an enforced Senior Week that starts tomorrow.  All you have to say about the subject is that there better be food at these SW events, because your minifridge is empty and all you have to eat in your room is a box of Total (sans milk) and a bag of sourdough pretzel nuggets to dip in hummus.


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  1. emma

    yep, that robe is definitely made of plastic and it definitely cost fifty dollars. nice.

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