so that happened

Things that occurred tonight: the thesis defense/public reading that was the culmination of the last ten months or so of me, Heather, and Emma’s lives, and the event at which everyone we know and love had the opportunity to judge us and our work.

It went pretty well, actually. Although the intense post-partum thesis depression started more or less the instant I was left alone afterwards. #feelingsfeelingsfeelings

EDIT: visual aid added, sans emma b/c she bounced pretty much immediately



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7 responses to “so that happened

  1. Peter

    It was SO GOOD.

  2. Heather

    agh! You blogged about it before I got the chance! Ah, well. Thanks for taking one for the team. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has postpartum thesis depression. Your tag makes me want to cry.

    Also, you should know that my mom thinks you are the best writer ever ever evar, and that your story was touching and felt so real, and that her opinion of mine was, “Uh… … … good.”

    (Also also, we look so snazzy in that photo, omg)

  3. emma

    omg can’t believe we finally get 2 see a picture of u 2!!!!! u r so sexy wanna chat on cam?

  4. andrew

    congrats! i feel like i’m in the same boat when it comes to post-partum thesis depression, too.

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