yes, he does have trendy facial hair

my world is getting too fucking small and too fucking hipster. facebook just informed me that my former hipster manager from the indie/hipster coffeehouse where i work is now employed at the hip/indie thrift store that i like to shop at, which is located in the “poor”/”dangerous” part of the city that is being gentrified at lightspeed by people like me and my ex-manager. he has carefully cultivated mutton chops and likes to wear straight-leg jeans with the cuffs rolled up to ankle height, so you can get a good view of his retro sneakers. i hate him, and now i feel like i can’t shop there anymore.  i should have fucking majored in first world fucking problems.

also, in case anyone was wondering around what time my anxiety about this job interview got OOC, it was approximately 9:53 pm the night before. #ihateeverything



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3 responses to “yes, he does have trendy facial hair

  1. emma

    i know who you are talking about, lulz, i have a really good story about him that may not be true but is hilarious.

  2. Batia

    Dear Rachel,
    Please blog about your thesis reading so I can comment about how good it was.

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