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in which i can’t even do the internet right

dear blog,

sorry i am doing a shitty job writing in you. i have genuinely had a lot of feelings i wanted to share with you – like about shopping with my mom, and how many chickpeas are in my fridge right now, and our crazy/beautiful Uzbeki realtor who Batia is going to invite to my thesis reading, and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ON A POGO STICK MY THESIS. it is due in less than 48 hours, though, so right now the only feeling i am capable of having is “thesis.” after that, my feelings will consist of “final paper” and “three day long foreign language exam.” do not fear that you are missing out by not hearing about these feelings in detail. after that, though, i will return to you, blog, and our reunion will make the stars weep and the heavens rejoice.




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