Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

I’m gonna be real with you guys, because I feel like we’ve all gotten rather cozy and tight-knit on these here inter-tubes.  This week has not been particularly exciting or joyous.  In fact, it’s been pretty stressful.  Which sucks, considering it’s supposed to be Passover break.

Anyway.  Here are the parts that have been joyous.

Watching Buffy with the State and the Photog. Prior to last Saturday, I’d seen exactly two episodes of Buffy in my life.  Now I’ve seen three and a half.  Still not that keen on the show, but am very keen on viewing it with them.

The Blow. Why have I gone so long without listening to her?

Hanging out with my roommates. I guess that’s what happens when you stay on campus for part of vacation: you spend study breaks bonding with the suitemates from Texas.  What a nice time that makes, if you can separate it from the guilt borne out of not working on your thesis.  (Which I couldn’t, not really, but those study breaks were mostly nice anyway.)


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  1. Rachel

    omg the blow. OMG THE BLOW

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