Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

The “Telephone” video, obviously. Nine and a half minutes that contains 1] The Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill.  2] Crazy head movement in the jail cell.  3] Cigarette sunglasses.  4] Sandwiches?  5] Dancing down a prison hallway. 6] Dancing in a diner while wearing flag outfits. 7] Hair that’s been sculpted into a telephone.  8] Beyonce in a Sgt Pepper uniform minus pants. 9] The cornerstone of my next Halloween costume, for sure.BRB, going to watch it again.  And then make a sandwich.

XKCD this week. I stopped reading XKCD, but someone on the Internet told me to look at this one.  It’s made me question why I stopped in the first place.

In other Gaga news, four of her songs will be released onto an expansion pack for Rock Band. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The Movie Title trailer. Britanick, I missed you!  Thanks for putting out this hilarious and nicely-produced video.

Beowulf, but only when he watches Frasier on an airplane. “Who should not be gay when Niles, son of Marty, prances across the stage?”  Good question, Wulfie, good question.

Carey Mulligan’s haircut. Clearly.

Guys, I had a really good day yesterday. I was super stressed most of the day, and then it all turned around last night!  My friends are wonderful.  Good job at being supportive, you guys!

The State. An excerpt from a conversation earlier tonight…

ME: “The State, let’s make a sandwich.”
T.S.: “Are you hitting on me?”
ME: “What?”
T.S.: (goes back to machine learning)
ME: “What kind of ‘sandwich’ could you make with two people anyway?”
T.S.: “Open-faced sandwich.”


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  1. emma

    carey mulligan’s haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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