a request

From here on out I’d like you to direct all questions about why I am doing so poorly keeping up my half of this blog to my thesis advisor. You guys can commiserate about all my failings as a person, and also he will probably like you better than me.

In other news, what are the Oscars? I feel like I don’t even know. Why is the golden man statue naked? I am more offended by him being naked than Adam Lamberts’ gay kiss/simulated oral sex at the AMAs. That is just my two cents, everyone.


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One response to “a request

  1. Heather

    Pfft! There is no way your advisor hates you. In fact, I would argue that his tough love attitude is because he has such high esteem for your writing in the first place!

    Also, if my advisor ever asks why I did so poorly on my thesis, please don’t tell her I was blogging. But if you must, call it “building my personal brand.”

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