Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

When you are freaking out about something –– say, your thesis –– I find it helps to (briefly) turn to things you like, to cheer yourself up.  In that respect, I offer

“Poker Face,” O-Zone’s “Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee),” and pretty much all of Lily Allen’s oeuvre. I made a confidence-builder playlist this week that very quickly devolved into a songs-that-are-peppy playlist, and unsurprisingly, what peps me up the most are synthy pop songs.  Remember when O-Zone had that one song go viral on YouTube, enough that Rihanna (kind of bizarrely) sampled it?  That song –– and its nonsensical, poorly-CGIed video, and especially the cheesy-as-Cheetos English version –– never fails to make me feel better.  (Yes, I am embarrassing, sorry if you didn’t know!)  If I have listened to “Poker Face” 82 times in one day, O-Zone is always there to provide a nice change of pace.

Also, this video of a puppy battling an ice cube is pretty good at washing away paralyzing self-doubt:

Cranberry bogs. They are just so cool to look at, you guys.

Slam poetry. See: Athens Boys Choir, Oveous Maximus, Phil Kaye, Saul Williams (OBVS), Anis Mojgani, Rachel McKibbens.

“Free Hugs,” Treemouth. The lyrics are a little unrealistic for my tastes, but wherever Treemouth is, it sounds like a really great place to be!  I want to go there on vacation.

Redecorating. Somewhere inside of me is an interior decorator dying to take over a stranger’s home, but instead of breaking and entering I usually decide to just make over my own room.  So I have begun to plan a total redo, because I have not been the type of person to have a salmon-colored bedroom for a very, very long time.  Guys, my room is going to look SO GOOD when it is done in May.  I will post pictures!

Tom Felton, better-known as Draco Malfoy, has a YouTube channel in which he plays guitar and sings. When did Malfoy get so tall and ADULT-looking, is what I want to know.  At the same time we became adults, obviously, but still, this weirds me out a little.  Also weird is how attractive and endearing he comes off in the headliner video.  A smile?  A striped sweater?  Cheery acoustic guitar?  Tom Felton, you are making me realize that I cannot necessarily separate my associations of the Harry Potter cast from the Harry Potter characters, and that makes me uneasy.  But damn you look nice in that jumper, as you Brits say.

Elizabeth Benedict, “If I Could Speak Chinese.” Disclosure: I know Elizabeth Benedict in real life and so, as always when I read the work of writers I have studied with, I expected this story to be good.  But OMG you guys, it is so much more emotionally affecting and beautiful and heartbreaking and complex than I would have thought for only one scene, it is way up there with Lorrie Moore’s “Charades,” and I really hope this cause me to blather embarrassingly next time I run into Liz.  I guess we’ll see!

My TA. Smart, insightful and hilarious, the best kind.  Direct quote: “Sorry I just geeked out all over you.”  It’s okay, TA, it’s totally cool.



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2 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Batia

    I have a super-peppy “songs that make me happy” playlist too! Embarrassingly, it is maybe 70% Eurovision contestants, and objectively pretty terrible.

    Some suggestions:
    Junior Senior, “Can I Get Get Get”

    The Ark, “The Worrying Kind”

    Rolf Junior, “One on One”

    Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić, “Cipela”

    Inexplicably, there are also versions of this song performed by the artists in a number of other languages, including Greek and Hebrew.
    If you like that one song by Ozone, you will love this other song by Ozone:

    Also, just about anything by the Blow belongs on this list (and, full disclosure, ABBA).

    • Heather

      Batia, that O-Zone video made my day!

      Full disclosure: I have O-Zone’s full album in the iTunes library at my parents’ house, because in high school when we discovered “Dragostea Din Tei,” the Filmmaker bought the CD that night and then generously shared it. I hadn’t seen any of their other videos, though. I also have a leftover-from-middle-school A*Teens debut album of ABBA covers. (Sadly, though, no actual ABBA.)

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