well done, Potter

I read an article this morning about Daniel Radcliffe filming a PSA for the Trevor Project, an org that helps depressed or suicidal LGBTQ teens.  First of all, how great, and secondly, Radcliffe makes a very similar point to what I tried to yesterday, but is generally much more well-spoken.

“I’ve always felt very lucky to have the life that I’ve had. I never had to cope with anything serious about my religion or sexual orientation or anything like that.  I think it’s important for somebody from a big, commercial movie series like ‘Harry Potter’ and particularly because I am not gay or bisexual or transgendered…. The fact that I am straight makes not a difference, but it shows that straight people are incredibly interested and care a lot about this as well.” (Italics my own.)

What I meant yesterday was that in my opinion, who I sleep with has nothing to do with the causes I support, and it just bothers me when people take the former as causation for the latter.  Because aligning politics among sexual lines, like aligning politics among gender or racial lines, can delimit the power or spread of certain movements.

To use a different example, I know several people who agree with the main FA tenets but are afraid to actually argue on its behalf, because FA activism is often viewed in the media as a bunch of fatties who have “given up on themselves” and just want to be left alone.  It bothers me that LGBTQ activism, as far as I have experienced it, has a similar problem.  Like, “If you [wear that T-shirt/participate in that march/take Queer Studies], people will think you’re gay.”  Well, first, why is considered that so fucking awful?  And secondly, why do we live in a culture that makes that assumption automatic?

If people think I’m not heterosexual based on anything I do outside the political realm, I don’t care.  I’m sorry if I offended anyone yesterday because I couldn’t explain myself properly.


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  1. emma

    that potter boy is so enlightened. once i read an interview with him where he was talking about how everyone thinks he’s gay, but it wasn’t in a derogatory way at all. also he show his p33n onstage.

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