too sexy for those blogs

According to a brand-new study done by the Pew Internet & American Life Project (who clearly know what’s up, I mean, “Internet” is right in their name), fewer 12- to 29-year-olds are blogging because they have instead embraced social networking such as (ahem) Facebook.  And if they still have the urge to blog, I might add, Facebook has that Notes function that no one seems to use apart from “25 random things” lists.

This Yahoo article (speaking of old Internet trends… Yahoo? really?) says that teenage blogging has gone down, along with twentysomething blogging, by about 10% since 2006.  Which bodes pretty ill for the field –– if adolescents are no longer using blogs to vent their poetry full of feelings, what then?  What will become of Livejournal?  As a former adolescent who LJed poetry full of feelings, I am concerned for the state of the Internet.

Ladies and gents, the bottom line is that –– in the words of this article –– blogging is “just not sexy” anymore.  Oh goodness.  Well, if something’s not sexy, why do it?  Because it is useful or practical or enjoyable?  Is that not what makes a thing sexy, the unselfconscious enjoyment of it?  But nevertheless, blogging is apparently “not sexy” and by association, this implies that Rachel and I (as bloggers you know) are also not sexy.  You would tell us if we were getting embarrassing, wouldn’t you, readers?  If we had become too drunkenly, foolishly burlesque in our blogging, when we would be in fact unfit for anything but sitting at home baking cookies in the shape of Helvetica typography or perhaps knitting sweaters? Please let us know if and when that happens.  Please don’t let us become an old meme.

We don’t want to be the lolcats or JibJab of our time.



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2 responses to “too sexy for those blogs

  1. emma

    this cannot be true, everyone i know has a blog! also, i still have an lj that i use to lurk communities.

  2. Rachel

    omg jibjab!!1

    also, i agree with emma. if molly jane is still doing it, and she is, then it’s not unhip yet. and i kind of feel like facebook preceded the blogging craze, you know? like, people aren’t leaving blogs to join the hot new “facebook status update” thing.

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