also, also, JD Salinger

You’ve all heard about his death Thursday from natural causes and I wanted to blog about it, as Emma has so wonderfully done, but I didn’t want to just lump him in with Stuff I change every week, particularly as this week’s was quite long. (Jezebel and The Onion have great obits as well.) So: here’s to a great writer, Mr. J.D. Salinger, who very well may have been uncomfortable with all the attention he is currently receiving (to wit, Mr. Salinger, we are sorry for that, but there are very many of us who love and loved your work). I first read Catcher in the Rye when I was 13 or so and identified with him, as did most everyone else I know, but I have not read it since high school. Gave it another go last summer but put it down after twenty pages or so. Ultimately, I am afraid that to reread Holden’s story now that I am much older, I will not connect with him in the same way. But then, why should I? I am not the same person I was in middle or high school. That doesn’t make Holden Caulfield or his story any less significant. Not to the person I used to be, nor to the millions of others who also identified with him.

As far as Salinger himself, like Rachel and Sadie (from Jezebel) have said: Thank you, Mr. Salinger, for being just a writer and allowing us to experience your work on our own terms.


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