story of my life

Sometimes things turn out swell!  Like when you have to go to an art store for supplies during a rainstorm and then when the train you take home arrives at your stop, because you are now lugging a giant bag of art stuff, you can’t get to the doors in time before the train takes off thirty seconds later, forcing you to get off at the next stop, which is actually four stops later (as it turns out) because the train goes express on Monday evenings, and you’re stranded in some small town you’ve never been in, and it’s still raining, and there are maybe three streetlights in the parking lot of this strip mall you’re in, and you have to call a cab because the next train is in ninety minutes, but you’re worried you won’t have enough money for the fare since there are only two ATMs in the shopping center and both of them are broken.  So you are standing there in wet, cold jeans and boots that are way less waterproof than they claim to be, hungry, tired, lost, hoping the cab takes credit because you only have three dollars in cash, having spent all your other money on the art supplies and the train.  But then the cab arrives!  And it is warm!  And the cabbie is a kind lady who freelances for “cutesy animal magazines” such as Cat Fancy!  And you trade anecdotes about your pets all the way home, and at one point she even flicks on the overhead light to show you a photograph of her Pomeranian.


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