checks and balances, plusses and deltas

Things I did today that were kind of dumb:

1. Bought a tart pan and a colander (I already had a colander. This was just a sleeker, sexier colander.)

Things I did today that were productive:

1. Mailed my little brother his iPod cord that I stole

2. Returned my broken AC adapter so I can get a replacement

3. Finished, uh, paying my tuition

I would say that overall, this day has been a win. Mostly.



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3 responses to “checks and balances, plusses and deltas

  1. Batia

    I had kind of a similar moment of terrible regret this morning, followed by a determination to go back and return my pan, followed by a resignation and eventual acceptance of my new cookware.

    Also, you bought that colander? I could have told you that was a dumb idea (oh wait, I did).

    • Rachel

      I actually regret the tart pan significantly more than the colander, which is what you told me it was not irrational to buy.

      Also, I forgot one thing in the “productive” column, which is that I made an appointment to give blood. Just saying.

  2. Peter

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

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