i wish i had a lawnmower

Sometimes I come home from college and am surprised, again, that no one there thinks or behaves like the people I spend time with at school.  Surprised to find Fox News on our TV on Sunday morning, say, or surprised to discover that some of the people I grew up with aren’t aware of what’s happening in Haiti.  Or if they are, Haiti’s not exactly on their minds; they’ll donate money, but after that they will pretty much move on, because they have busy lives as we all do and if humans do one thing, it is make a halfhearted effort and then forget.  Because I go to a very liberal, activist school I tend to forget myself that the world isn’t always like that (liberal or activist, I mean) and every time I am made to recall this fact, it is a little more disheartening.  I expect a Pizza Hut and am consistently faced with a bunch of daisies.  I thought this was a discount store,  but now it’s a cornfield.  (To paraphrase Guster.)

I went home to volunteer at a cancer benefit run by a friend, which was held at my high school theater.  I haven’t been at the theater (housed in the English building, so if I had turf, that was it) for three and a half years.  Initially made me feel as if an old extraterrestrial.  Also, memo to those 150 or so people who promised to attend –– had tickets held to pay on arrival –– and then never arrived: I am incredibly disappointed.  You can’t devote $10 and one evening of your life to support a fourteen-year-old with cancer?  What is your DEAL?  I am trying not to get cynical or bitter, the benefit was amazing and touching and beautiful, I am trying to remember the awesome speech Conan gave last night on believing in yourself and being kind to others, but it is a little hard to be kind when others fail to.


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  1. Rachel

    I’m glad the benefit was good! I’m sorry more people didn’t come!

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