how embarrassing

When I signed up for this semester’s classes, back in October, Rachel said: “You’re taking ancient Greek?  That’s a mistake…”

When I came back to campus three days ago and told my roommates about my classes, they said: “You’re taking Greek?”

When I told the New Yorker about my day at the gym, she said: “You’re taking ancient Greek?  Seriously?”

And guess who insisted, each time, that learning ancient Greek WOULD BE AWESOME, only to drop the class entirely after one session when the New Yorker talked extensively about her really cool anthro class studying the effects of social media on interpersonal relationships?  Yeah, that’s right, go ahead and say I told you so.  (But you didn’t, not really, because I could totally learn ancient Greek if I wanted to. [I just prefer classes on Facebook, that’s all.])


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