a veritable rollercoaster of emotions

Hello little ones, I am so tired I can’t remember whether “rollercoaster” is one word or two. Don’t tell me which it is, either answer will make me feel dumb.

Here are the bad things that happened today:

  • Fucking Scott fucking Brown is a fucking asshole and I guess also the senator of Massachusetts. Fuck.
  • My fingers are too cold to type properly and I have a headache.
  • My windshield defroster doesn’t work, so whenever I drive anywhere I have to turn all the cold air up all the way in my car, even when it is pouring and freezing and gross outside, and EVEN THEN you cannot see through my windshield

Here are the good things that happened today:

  • I get to help write an article about baking for my internship! Hoo boy do I live in a first world country
  • Bizarrely but awesomely, I got to take a half hour out of my day to drink tea with Peter and his mom. YOU WILL NEVER GET TO DO THAT, SCOTT BROWN.
  • GACHIBOWLI GACHIBOWLI GACHIBOWLI omg guess what sweatshirt I am wearing right now, OHMIGOD

You win some, you lose some, I guess.


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One response to “a veritable rollercoaster of emotions

  1. Heather


    two things:
    1. my car is the same way.
    2. the secondmost popular search term for us today is “fucking massachusetts,” and i thought you should know that.

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