feelings I have had today

1. Confusion instituted in the first few seconds between the alarm going off and me fully waking up, during which I did not only forget why the alarm was going off (the first day of classes), but also where I was (my dorm room) and, in fact, that the sounds emanating from my phone were an alarm.

2. Trepidation that signing up for this art class would prove to be a mistake, that the semester would play out like the art class in Ghost World and I would be a less talented Enid, based on the facts that A) I have not taken art since seventh grade and B) when I painted a portrait of the Kid Wonder for an assignment, in that legendary seventh grade class, my mother hid it between the refrigerator and the wall because she said she didn’t want his mother “to get offended.”

3. Relief upon discovering that my art teacher is not at all like the one in Ghost World.


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