Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

After a week wherein I spent most of my time switching between worrying about big issues (the situation in Haiti, the Prop 8 trial) or worrying about comparatively trivial issues (my thesis, my mom’s oral surgery), I find myself particularly grateful for this little weekly list of Super Great things. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good things, you know? But this blog –– and you guys –– require me to do that every weekend, and without it, I think I’d be much less happy and a lot more angry. So thank you.


The Filmmaker worked on The Book of Eli, y’all! And her name is IN THE CREDITS! She, myself and half a dozen Friends From the Old Days got together to see the movie last night, since it opened yesterday, and holy crap was it exciting! The visual effects were amazing, and I’m not saying that just because my best friend worked on them. (Even though she totally did and her name is there at the end of the credits to prove it. Plus she’s on IMDB now. MAN AM I PROUD!)

Since we’re talking congrats, you guys, my cousin GRADUATED COLLEGE! He has trouble communicating due to his autism and so when he enrolled in college, he wasn’t sure if he would finish, but here he is, about to have a celebratory brunch tomorrow!  It’s so awesome.  Way to keep truckin’, dude.

Visiting the Doctor. Took me almost four years to finally visit her when school was in session/meet her college friends, but the Professor and I did it last weekend.  From what I observed, everyone she lives with is a total peach, her school is a wonderland of love and community, and her room is gigantic.

Emma’s blog. For obvious reasons.

Everyone on the anti-8 side of the trial (I wanted to list their names, but there are too many). Again for obvious reasons.  Such as, you know, the ability to understand that gay people are human beings.

This whole text-to-donate bit the Red Cross has got going on. $10 for texting “HAITI” to 90999?  What a good way to combine slacktivism and actual do-gooding. As of yesterday morning it had raised $6 million (600,000 texts)!

“Kids,” MGMT. Apparently the Doctor’s House’s official song, this has been in my head all week.  That and “Lean on Me” because, you know, it makes me feel good.

Firefly. Finally saw it!  Took me several years too late to hop on the bandwagon, but now I have seen three whole episodes of Firefly, and boy howdy do I see why everyone I know is obsessed with it.

Gabourey Sidibe. She is just so cool.  Gabby, the only reason I have not seen Precious yet is because I prefer reading the book first.  And it turns out I have to read it for a class this semester!  So after that, I will see Precious for sure.

Signs (no, not the Mel Gibson one). The story of this short is a little simplified maybe, but sweet.  A good pick-me-up when you’re feeling low and have 12 minutes to spare.



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4 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Rachel

    what class are you reading Precious for? I am excited

  2. emma


    i kind of can’t believe precious is a real thing. like, how can a movie about a girl who was raped by her father and which features mariah carey and mo’nique possibly be serious/good? how is it relevant to queer studies, btw?

    • Heather

      not sure. it certainly relates to general sexuality studies, though… and it’s set in the late 80s, if i recall correctly, so i am willing to bet that HIV/AIDS is involved somewhere.

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