delusions of grandeur

Our friends at Autostraddle have informed me that Glee, that ubiquitous jelly doughnut of a musical set in an Ohio high school, will hold a nationwide casting call in February. A casting call open to the public, in which anyone (between the ages of 16 and 26) who wishes can upload an audition tape to the show’s website. And thusly, possibly, win one of three spots for next season. What say you, loyal readers? Dare I try my hand –– or more appropriately, my vocal chords?

PROS: love of singing, love of dancing, compulsion for karaoke and musicals, six years of school chorus, fount of sassiness

CONS: six years out of chorus, often typecast, has record of chickening out, history of being mistaken for 25 when actually in high school (though what actor on a high school show ever looks the age?)



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4 responses to “delusions of grandeur

  1. Peter

    Delusions my foot, you were born for the stage.

    > doughnut

  2. Rachel


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