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Stuff Rachel Fucking Hates

As of yesterday, really pretty much everything. For serious y’all, that day sucked. I was super whiny all day, but I feel like that was more or less justified because I really fucking hate:

My advisor calling me at 9:30 am when I’m in bed asleep and telling me I didn’t number my thesis right and now it’s hard to read, and tell me where the next section starts RIGHT NOW Other things I dislike: when I do try to remember where the next section starts even though I’m basically asleep and then you tell me “No, it’s NOT, because that’s not indented.” I’M SORRY I’M BAD AT INDENTING. I’ll throw myself into traffic, ok?

When your school makes you take an extra class for an arbitrary number of credits I was so proud of myself for finally having a reasonable schedule this semester, and then all of the sudden I got this email that was like “Oh hey, I know you tried to get on reduced status since you only have 2 more requirements to fill to graduate, but we won’t let you and also you need to take another class to be a full-time student, even though it would not be helpful to you at all.” Soooooo long story short, I now have a 9 am class every single day. Thank you higher education.

I lost my wallet For like 4 hours, but still, it sucked. And I had to drive Peter to the bus station but it was terrifying to do so when I had no wallet, no license, and no copy of my registration in my car. SUPER ILLEGAL.

Also, I just hate the drivers in this city. Probably the highlight was when an unmarked white van started to reverse its way back down Huntington Ave. Yeah, that was probably my favorite part.

But you know what, it got better! My mom took me out to dinner and I had a super time at work and Peter bought me a bottle of tea, and as a special gift to me from God the radio played Bad Romance like five times in forty-five minutes, and really there is nothing that drinking half a bottle of wine and then dancing to Paparazzi can’t solve. THE END.


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also, also, JD Salinger

You’ve all heard about his death Thursday from natural causes and I wanted to blog about it, as Emma has so wonderfully done, but I didn’t want to just lump him in with Stuff I change every week, particularly as this week’s was quite long. (Jezebel and The Onion have great obits as well.) So: here’s to a great writer, Mr. J.D. Salinger, who very well may have been uncomfortable with all the attention he is currently receiving (to wit, Mr. Salinger, we are sorry for that, but there are very many of us who love and loved your work). I first read Catcher in the Rye when I was 13 or so and identified with him, as did most everyone else I know, but I have not read it since high school. Gave it another go last summer but put it down after twenty pages or so. Ultimately, I am afraid that to reread Holden’s story now that I am much older, I will not connect with him in the same way. But then, why should I? I am not the same person I was in middle or high school. That doesn’t make Holden Caulfield or his story any less significant. Not to the person I used to be, nor to the millions of others who also identified with him.

As far as Salinger himself, like Rachel and Sadie (from Jezebel) have said: Thank you, Mr. Salinger, for being just a writer and allowing us to experience your work on our own terms.

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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

The cute bookshelf imagery of iBooks. But not so much, upon clearing my head of Wednesday’s Apple-fizzle, the iPad itself, which still lacks Flash rendering and multi-application usage. Oh, and it’s got the worst name ever. Wherefore the iSlate?

Cameron on Modern Family. Totes the best, amirite? (Also, fun fact! Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron, played Sheldon the “Your mother called…. She’s a handful” desk clerk in Almost Famous! Sheldon the desk clerk is one of my favorite parts of that whole movie. Along with all the other parts of it.)

Amber Rubarth’s “You Will Love This Song.” I do, Amber! I do! I am sorry the person you wrote it for felt differently, but I am very glad you wrote it.

Shout-out to my fellow thesis writers! On occasion I get fed up with my thesis and decide that the whole endeavor has been a poor idea from the start, but even then, I am glad to be ranked among your numbers. We should have more get-togethers of gossip, olive tapenade and cheese blocks.

If Matthew Weiner brought Salvatore Romano back onto Mad Men. OH WAIT, that’s not happening. When Pete Campbell stole American Tobacco for SCDP, I can’t say I didn’t foresee this coming, but can’t we just overlook period accuracy in this one instance? Maybe Sal could come back later into Season 4? Do it for the Nielsens. Do it for the happiness of your audience, while has been so very kind to you. Come on, dude!

Guys, look how cool this Helvetica cookie cutters are:
You know you want them, let’s be real. Who wouldn’t? I make cookies from a box and I still want them.

DAVID BOIES AND JUDGE WALKER. Because they know what’s up. Namely: that it is not 1963. So why is California treating its LGBTQ citizens as if they are Salvatore Romano and the state Don Draper?

In a related note, let’s talk “heteronormativity”! My Queer Studies class spent two (of three) sessions this week just deconstructing the concept. I do not think I have enjoyed a class more in a long time. Judith Butler? Roderick Ferguson? Yes, please!

Push, Sapphire. Yes, it’s time already: the other session for that class was spent discussing this, which we had to read for homework. Did I think I was braced for it? Yes. Was I? No way in hell. Am I really glad I finally read this, because it is important and engaging and intelligent and raw? For sure. Like everyone else’s who has read this book, my heart broke on every paragraph. Totally worth it.

On a lighter note, libraries are all the rage this week: Flavorwire has a list up of their favorite library-referencing tracks and over in Britain, some citizens decided to create the world’s smallest library in one of their phone booths.

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dear lane bryant,

I really like you most of the time, but not when I open up my inbox and see yet another email from you.  Sometimes it is more than twice a day!  Lane, this is getting to be too much.  I feel suffocated sometimes, you know?  Stop pressuring me to buy your clothing. It may be “up to 40% off” but I know that once I get to your store it will be 15% off of, like, a $55 item.  Frankly, I cannot afford all these “deals” you keep spouting, and all this insistence that I can makes me feel, a little bit, as if I’m being ignored.  Also, stalked.  (I can’t help noticing the emails piling up with more frequency when I don’t respond to them.  Don’t think I don’t notice.)

I think we should take a break.  Email-wise at the very least.


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story of my life

Sometimes things turn out swell!  Like when you have to go to an art store for supplies during a rainstorm and then when the train you take home arrives at your stop, because you are now lugging a giant bag of art stuff, you can’t get to the doors in time before the train takes off thirty seconds later, forcing you to get off at the next stop, which is actually four stops later (as it turns out) because the train goes express on Monday evenings, and you’re stranded in some small town you’ve never been in, and it’s still raining, and there are maybe three streetlights in the parking lot of this strip mall you’re in, and you have to call a cab because the next train is in ninety minutes, but you’re worried you won’t have enough money for the fare since there are only two ATMs in the shopping center and both of them are broken.  So you are standing there in wet, cold jeans and boots that are way less waterproof than they claim to be, hungry, tired, lost, hoping the cab takes credit because you only have three dollars in cash, having spent all your other money on the art supplies and the train.  But then the cab arrives!  And it is warm!  And the cabbie is a kind lady who freelances for “cutesy animal magazines” such as Cat Fancy!  And you trade anecdotes about your pets all the way home, and at one point she even flicks on the overhead light to show you a photograph of her Pomeranian.

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checks and balances, plusses and deltas

Things I did today that were kind of dumb:

1. Bought a tart pan and a colander (I already had a colander. This was just a sleeker, sexier colander.)

Things I did today that were productive:

1. Mailed my little brother his iPod cord that I stole

2. Returned my broken AC adapter so I can get a replacement

3. Finished, uh, paying my tuition

I would say that overall, this day has been a win. Mostly.


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