Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great: 2000s Edition!

Guys, the decade is over. I’d argue this is the end of an era. An era which has been overarchingly dark and full of bad things, but in which there have been many smaller, good things too. And to recognize this I was going to write a “thanks to the decade that brought us ___” entry, but then realized the term “us” is problematic in its very inclusion, as it presumes you value the same things I do (which in turn presumes we have had comparable experiences and lived comparable lives). So then I started writing this entry as a “thanks to the decade that brought me ___” and then, and then, I realized it sounded basically like a very long list of Stuff I Think is Super Great, minus the commentary (otherwise this entry will take you all day to read). So there you have it.

A big thank-you to the decade that brought me (in no specific order or ranking)…

this blog; its readers; as a matter-of-fact, almost all my current friends (including my lovely coblogger); Transatlanticism and the subsequent discovery of Death Cab, followed quickly by the even subsequent discovery of this wildly varying genre we call “indie,” inciting a period of years in which I would balance the line between credible indie kid and teenybopper poseur and finally figure, what the hell, I like what I like; the best acoustic I’ve ever seen live; Almost Famous; Wikipedia; the final four Harry Potter books; Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy; Lady Gaga and her be-your-freak-self message; trying foods such as hummus and chicken tikka masala; The OC; the popularization of Chrismukkah and subsequent invention of yarmaclauses; Arrested Development (by now, a shout-out obligation); Mad Men; high school, which I did not find nearly as bad as it’s made out to be; college, which admittedly was loads better than high school; study abroad; seeing the Venus de Milo and Westminster Abbey; Romanticism II and the subsequent discovery of George Gordon Noel Byron; reading Good Omens for the first time and thus discovering Neil Gaiman; the discovery and subsequent meeting of David Sedaris, nicest man alive; The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay; reading Oscar Wilde, which led to renting Wilde and discovering Stephen Fry in turn; the quick retirement of my Target-brand skateboard; the Queen reunion tour; the Spice Girls reunion tour, not that I could nab tickets; November snow in Paris; October snow in London; fish and chips in a paper cone; voting; gay marriage in 10% of the States; the first black president; the first black Disney Princess; getting to participate in an equality march in Scotland and finding the Scots feel as I do; a full appreciation of “Don’t Stop Believin'”; So You Think You Can Dance; the realization that I both can and can’t dance and more important, the realization I don’t care; the discovery of George Saunders; How This Night is Different; writing workshops; VH1’s I Love The...; self-esteem; the luck that “media scholarship” is a real thing; the decision to pursue writing rather than acting onstage (because what a disaster that would have been); sitting at a marina in Sicily in the midday sun; whatever “Web 2.0” means (Facebook, yeah?); Skype; the Mitch; miniature, nameless, aquatic frogs; public transportation (personal favorite: the Underground Central Line); matchbox twenty’s More Than You Think You Are and subsequent tour; getting into the college I wanted; growing out of my *NSYNC phase; that being said, “Bye Bye Bye”; iPods; The Sims franchise; an appreciation of tea; excellent writing teachers; many opportunities to see I was wrong and grow up from it; and there’s likely many more things that were Super Great this decade, but those are all the ones I can think of at the moment.

Happy New Year!


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