Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

(Belated due to a certain commercialized Christian holiday that happened on Friday.)

Eating latkes. I signed up to make an appetizer for Christmas this year, seeing as I am a Real Live Adult now, and decided to make these (even though they are traditionally for Hanukkah) because they are so tasty.  Cooking them was not so much fun –– what with browning potatoes, the horrible process of grating onions and an unbelievable amount of hype, considering only two relatives had ever heard of/tried latkes before –– but eating them afterward?  I think they were a pretty good effort.  My aunt’s boyfriend, who is Jewish and has been attending our Christmases for about 12 years, almost cried.  (And some other relatives gave me out of the kindness of their hearts a food chopper they happened to have an extra of!  So next year, no more grating onions!)

Miniature aquatic frogs. I received a tank, a few small bags of aquarium gravel and a phone number to call and order a pair of tiny frogs, which will then be delivered by mail to my dorm.  Now I just need names.  Suggestions?

The Kid Wonder is eleven, up to my chin, and apparently, already into Abercrombie. I’m not exactly thrilled about this (it’s so early!), but I am proud of the kid he is becoming.  He’s getting so old!  Guys, it is hard to believe.

The Filmmaker is back! HURRAH!  (The Professor and the Doctor are home too, which is also exciting, but I have seen them more often over the last few years than the Filmmaker, who decided to spend the past year and a half living on the opposite coast, seeing Robert Downey Jr holding up traffic and Kristin Chenowith in line at Anthropologie and suchlike.)



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21 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Peter

    Azureus and Ramses.

  2. Peter

    no, Kavalier and Clay.

  3. emma

    name both frogs “emma.”

  4. Peter

    Name both frogs “Emma.”

  5. Rachel

    Name every frog “Emma.”

    Also, I may or may not have made noodle kugel for Christmas dessert. CHRISTMAKAH 4 EVA

  6. Heather

    this morning I was thinking gender-neutral names: e.g. “the Honorable Kensington Frogmondeley” and “Albert-Alberta.” but now I have to rethink. thanks, dudes!

  7. Peter

    Boltzmann and Maxwell

  8. Peter

    Oxford and and Sheffield

  9. Peter

    Madeline and Albert-Alberta

  10. Peter

    Zarathos and Hades

  11. Peter

    Thunderclese and Kolkata

  12. Peter

    Tart and Cheeseburger

  13. Peter

    Romeo and Double Romeo

  14. Peter

    Sgt. Frog and Gamabunta

  15. Peter

    July and August

  16. Peter

    Heather and Rachel

  17. Rachel

    I have a few, Heather. What about “Yukon and Gilgamesh”, “Starwind and Hawking”, “Millicent and Jethro”, or “Eddie and Jeffdejeff”?

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