Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Blogging. Obviously.  There’s been a veritable bombardment of postings this week!  Boy howdy, do I need to get my feelings under control.

Wade and Amanda Robson, a choreographing team to rival Nappytabs. Watch this and then try telling me they are not awesome.

Conan O’Brien (and Andy Richter!) on The Tonight Show. The first few nights I was home for break I couldn’t fall asleep before 5am, so I spent the wee morning hours watching late night TV hosts do their thing and Mr. O’Brien, as expected, is the best of them all.  Did you see him interview those idiots from Jersey Shore?  I did, and despite my tired, sleep-deprived eyeballs, thoroughly appreciated it.  (Although… watching Jimmy Fallon, 25 hours later, try not to freak when a zoologist brought wild animals onto the set?  That was genuine entertainment as well.)

“11 Things That Debuted in the 2000s But Feel Like They’ve Been Around Forever.” This decade feels, to me, as if it’s been going on for my entire life; I regularly confuse things that happened in the early years of the millennium as stuff from the ’90s –– case in point, the advent of Coldplay, who didn’t appear on the scene with “Yellow” until 2000 –– and so this 11Points list makes me feel that I am not alone.  I mean, guys: think about it.  Ten years ago we were all listening to Walkman Psycs, humiliating ourselves at makeshift karaoke, and (for lucky, totally misled kids like myself) using a Tyco VideoCam plugged into the TV to film our family members within the thirty feet of cable Tyco allowed.  No Flip mini camcorders!  No iPods!  No American Idol!  Not even EUROS, you guys!  Europe didn’t switch over to continentally standardized currency until almost eight years ago!

“Christmas Canon,” Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I’ve loved this song since I first saw Home Alone as a kid –– it’s what the choir’s singing in the background as Macaulay Culkin talks to the “crazy” elderly neighbor.  Both the instrumental and the vocal elements are absolutely beautiful, but I’ve never known the name or performers of the song until a few days ago, when it came on the car radio and Dad just happened to fall silent as the DJ announced the title and artist.  Hurrah!

“Apple Pie,” Thisbe Nissen. Not to name-drop professors again but oh man is this story good; the ending makes me feel all warm/fuzzy and bubbly-nervous for the characters’ fates at the same time.  I recommend it.

Jakob Jakob Jakob. I’m really happy Russell won SYTYCD, because he deserved it.  But that being said, Jakob could have won and deserved it just as much.  Exhibit A:



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4 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. emma

    this post confirms my suspicions that thisbe is paying you to “buzz market” her. obviously, she is great, but i am just saying. how much did you get?

  2. Rachel

    I think “Apple Pie” is the super lesbionic one, no? Yeah, obvs I loved that.

  3. Heather

    if anyone cares, I watched the first Home Alone last night and it turns out that “Christmas Canon” is NOT the song played in the church scene. all these years, I’ve been misremembering it! and “Christmas Canon” itself is such a random song to believe was playing.

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