agh (or, unpacking: a liveblog)

Okay, so Batia had an excellent idea with liveblogging ordinary activities.  Why not.

1:45 pm. My room is a pit cluttered with schoolthings (Lipton, suitcase, books, etc) and so instead of the gym I am tackling the crud on my floor.  An exercise I find generally unenjoyable.  So I thought, Say, why don’t I put on the radio to ease my sluggishness? And wouldn’t you know it, the song playing when I turned on the stereo was “Bad Romance.”

I WILL NEVER GET AWAY FROM THIS SONG.  EVER.  I have now heard it enough times that I can hear one of the “ra ra ah-ah-ah” refrains and know which one of those refrains it is –– know where in the song I am, whether it is the “ra ra” right before the “Walk, walk, fashion, baby” talking part, or what.  And though it has been made abundantly clear to all of you that Rachel and I are definitively pro-Gaga, this is just one too many listens.  I find myself singing it as I try falling asleep these days.

1:52. The cat is trying to stick her whole head down my cup of water.  I told her she’ll get stuck someday, but she doesn’t care.

1:55. Oh God, now they’re playing “Down.”  No wonder I stopped listening to the radio: it either fosters my dependence on songs that I know objectively are crappy, or it overplays a good song so much that my ears start weeping blood.

2:00. “All I Want for Christmas is You”!  WOOOOO.  And it’s the Mariah Carey original, too, not some hideous cover by a teen star of the week like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

2:04. I should really get to the point of this whole thing and start picking up.

2:05. Actually I should do my laundry first, yeah?  Yes.

2:08. The laundry bag is not downstairs in the laundry room, so I called Dad to see where he’s put it.  He thinks he left it in the trunk of his car.  (sigh)

2:14. I do not got love for my shoes K-Swiss.  My gym sneakers are getting on in years and really don’t offer enough traction on their soles for my biking needs.

2:16. Did I really just reference the K-Swiss slogan from 2004?  Yes, I did.  I am really that vapid.  Good grief.

2:17. And of course that “Good grief” made me think, …Charlie Brown.

2:20. No wonder it looks so cluttered in here –– Mom’s dumped three kitchen bags’ worth of hand-me-downs on my floor.  Ah well.  Can’t complain, can I?

2:29. One of the shirts in here is one I already own.

2:30. My first exposure to “If You Seek Amy.”  Clever, Britney.

2:35. “Video Phone”?  Oh no.  I don’t think so.  Station change!  (Elton John, that’s better.)

2:40. Kid Rock?  I give up.

3:06. Why did I think it necessary to bring home so much stuff?  Did I truly believe, as I packed, that I would need to wear my French military beret over the next five weeks?  (The Greek fisherman’s cap makes sense, but the military beret?  Really, Heather.)

3:13. (That being said, I am of course wearing the military beret right now.)

3:20. Yawning when you’re about to sneeze = uncomfortable.  I need to get my allergies in check.

3:27. Done!  Everything is off the floor.  This means, though, that there are now piles of clothing and miscellany all over my bed.  Hm.  I guess maybe I am not done?


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