things I have learned: my semester abroad

Today marked exactly one year since I returned to the States, and while I (appropriately though accidentally) spent most of the day sleeping, I feel it deserves some kind of notation.  So here are some memories and observations.  Thanks, Great Britain and greater Europe!  I miss you.

1. People care. (Edinburgh)

2. Barbeque sauce, while inappropriate, is not as horrific on a Thanksgiving turkey as it sounds. (London)

3. Boeuf tartare is served raw. (Paris)

4. Shopping for groceries and cooking for oneself actually feels rewarding! (London)

5. Remember your umbrella when you travel!! (Dublin)

6. Parisians do, in fact, wear berets and dress their dogs in sweaters.  But that is where the stereotypes end. (Paris)

7. Four words: pizza in a cone. (Trapani)

8. There is such a thing as a Christmas haunted house. (London)

9. Sometimes the guards will respond to you… but seriously, keep that on the DL. (London)

10. Every major city must have a giant, purposeless arch. (London, Paris, Barcelona)

11. There are such things as moments when everything around you seems perfectly synchronized.  It is possible to feel you’ve arrived home when you’re thousands of miles away from your factual, permanent home. (London, Paris, Trapani)


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