Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

SPOILER: I dig a lot, a lot of things this week, particularly musical things.

First, the nonmusical stuff:

Someone made a lolcat version of Twilight and New Moon. The crazy eyebrows on the Edward cat are probs the best part.

Being done with finals.

My grandparents. They dropped off a belated birthday present for me and guess what?  IT IS A SNUGGIE!  How did they know?  I am considering the idea of never taking the Snuggie off, even though it makes me look like an (absurdly comfortable) elf.

This video of lifelike projections on buildings. Theoretically I know how this works –– I mean, it’s right there in the title –– but still, I cannot believe this works.  Look at that building fall apart!  Look at that!  Holy moly.

Chuck’s new storyline on Gossip Girl. Finally!  Since the dude kiss he’s barely been onscreen, and he’s easily the most psychologically complicated character on this show.  What an awesome ep for him, and what a sweet moment between he and Blair at the end.

Okay, time for the musical stuff.  Settle in, cats and kittens.

The Fame Monster. Thank you, T, for sharing the album with me!  Lady Gaga ate my heart, she a-a-ate my heart… and my time, and my brain cells left over from finals, and also the Queen’s chuckles.

Far, Regina Spektor. I forgot how pretty and delicate and fun Regina Spektor’s music can be!  What a lovely surprise.  (Thanks to the State for lending it to me!)

The self-titled debut of Dead Man’s Bones. The concept for this album seems it should be awful.  If I told you to listen to the spooky concept album of a band led by Ryan Gosling, would you do it?  No.  But his band is actually pretty great.  When I listen to songs like “In the Room Where You Sleep” or “Pa Pa Power,” I can hardly believe the vocalist is the same guy who starred in The Notebook.  Ryan Gosling, you have come a long way.

The midseason finale of Glee. As in any good finale, there were so many events that came to a head: about time Mercedes got her due!  About time Ken got his dignity together and dumped Emma!  And about time Finn found out about Quinn and Puck!  (The closing song was not nearly as good this week, but oh well.)

My mom. In conversation it came up that I’d learned the full routine to “Bad Romance” for Rachel’s Christmas present and not only did my mother make me show her, but then she wanted lessons to learn it herself!  Will keep you updated on our progress.  (Step 1: It’s “ra ra ah-ah-ah,” Mom, not “ra ra Rosh Hashanah.”)

Jason Gilkison. A choreographer set on making ballroom accessible: my kind of choreographer, in other words.  Normally I hate the Viennese waltz, but holy moly do Mollee and Jakob make Gilkison’s routine look good.  And then Mr. Gilkison whips up a superhot cha cha number for later in the show?  Now you are showing off, sir.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Three things I enjoy: dance, the Internet, and excellent covers.  LXD has all three.  Did you see all those crabwalks?  DID YOU?  When they come out with their online show sometime next year, you bet I’ll have that bookmarked.  (Will it be weird?  Maybe.  Will it be awesome?  Hells yes.)



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  1. Rachel


  2. Batia

    Fact: I have been working through finals powered by little more than a potent combination of sugar and Rachel’s version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

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