Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

I know, I know, the timing here is atrocious.  Super Great stuff goes up on Fridays, not Sunday nights/Monday mornings.  But the Internet access at my parents’ house was cut all weekend, due to an all-star combo of a crappy modem and howling high winds, and I couldn’t get back to campus until tonight, at which point I had to do a bunch of Internet-requiring homework that, due to aforementioned loss of high-speed, was actually a day or two late.

So there.

Anyway, I dig a lot of stuff this (last?) week!

Birthdays. Every year, I am re-surprised at how many people go out of their way to wish me a happy day, whether crossing paths between classes or on my Facebook wall.  Thank you!  You are awesome.

Thanksgiving break. Losing the Internet and getting way less work done than needed to be was a little stressful, but the rest of this Thursday/Friday/weekend was pretty wonderful: eating turkey! seeing my family! hanging out with the Doctor, the Professor and the Poet!  Even the somewhat disappointing Festival of Trees (which I had planned to retroactively liveblog, but oh well) was a good time.  (There was, in the same room, a small tree with singing hedgehogs made of pinecones, a JoBros tree and a Top Gun-esque Santa flying in a gigantic plane constructed of Christmas tree and plastic.  OBVIOUSLY it had to be a good time.)

Wedding cakes with programming code on them. I think this speaks for itself.

Tarnation. Boy howdy, what a good movie.  And Jonathan Caouette made this for $218, you guys.  On iMovie.  I don’t think this can be stressed enough.  iMovie!!

Nickelback. JKLOL!  Nickelback sucks.

December is National Awareness Month. Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that either.  Thank you, Onion!

Pontypool. Couldn’t stop thinking about this movie for about two days after seeing it.  A zombie film that addresses the prevalence and role of language in our daily lives?  Man, do I want to write a paper on this.  (But alas, I have to write my final film paper on Little Miss Sunshine.  “Alas” meaning not alas at all, in the way that actually, I love Little Miss Sunshine and the week I am writing that paper, it will probs pop up on that Friday’s list.)

The routine to “Whatcha Say” on SYTYCD. Over the break Mom caught me up on SYTYCD, meaning we watched the last two performance shows. Jakob and Ashleigh are the best.  Why have I not been watching the show this fall?  How could I have forgot?  I’ve been a fool, a classic fool.

Sweatshirts. I basically lived in pullover hoodies over the break.  Maybe I will live in them forever.  (I can but try.)



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