let me tell you all about my proclivity for not finishing projects

I have a tendency to not finish things, regardless how enthused I am in the beginning.

Yes, I know: in that regard I am not unlike Harry Lockhart in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. But I digress –– I am taking too much time to get to the point, and thereby not finishing what I started, even here! The point being, back when we started this here ol’ blog in February (nine months ago! gee willikers!), we envisioned it with bonus extras of comics/sketches drawn by me and perhaps some occasional vlog content. Plus a weekly listing of what we Hate and Think Super Great, which went and continues to go quite nicely, as you may have noticed, all four of you regular readers. And Rachel’s Top Fives (an idea we didn’t even have in the very beginning, when we started this up) run quite regularly and nicely themselves. But the comics/sketches empire I originally envisioned consists of three silly finished drawings and one unfinished, albeit silly, comic strip about Newton Minow sitting in my top desk drawer. I started penciling Mr. Minow in early May and the comic is still only one panel long. Thus, I have concluded that perhaps it is time to let go of the dream. Clearly I am no Kate Beaton (not that I ever dared to imagine I was; Kate Beaton is the shiznat).

Anyway. Return to main discussion before I go off on how much I dig Kate Beaton. Rachel has her Top Fives column and I am no good at sticking to comics production, so I feel it is time to renounce said comics and come up with something else, something preferably written, a column-of-sorts of my own. But I don’t have time these days to stroke my chin and brainstorm themes for hours and thusly I turn to you, dear readers. Suggestions? What would you theoretically enjoy reading about, straight from me to you, on a sporadic basis? Presuming, of course, that this “sporadic basis” is less sporadic than the comics have turned out to be, but I am not worried about that, as writing comes much easier to me than sketching the wrinkle-lines on Newton Minow’s face.

Gee willikers, it’s 3:25! I am off to bed.



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4 responses to “let me tell you all about my proclivity for not finishing projects

  1. Peter

    Newton? You should do a section called Fruit Of The World. You can write about different fruits.

  2. Batia

    How about “Heather Liveblogs Everyday Tasks?”

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