top five: videos I am obsessed with



2. I was tempted to just stop there, but also:

I like that T&S and Lady Gaga were both rocking the new-age gimp suit look. They obviously discussed this beforehand. (ALSO I am getting so much better at telling Tegan and Sara apart!)


Peter: “You know, I think those might actually be his words.”


I think part of me is hoping that if I just keep sharing the same logical, common-sense facts about this, that the rest of America will finally listen. Maybe this is a naive fantasy, but let me dream.


In which Ellen and Portia are cute enough to make up for how weird Oprah makes me feel. Also, does anyone else kind of want/expect Portia to just be Better Off Ted’s Veronica in real life? No? Just me?



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  1. Heather

    am i the only one who was terrified the first time seeing “Bad Romance”? that video is comprised almost exclusively of things that freak me out.

    (not to say i didn’t rewatch it a while later and realize it will probs be in heavy rotation on my youtube.)

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