guess what

So today when I was looking in the mirror to put in my contacts, I realized that I don’t hate my nose anymore. In fact, I actively like it! No more does it resemble for me a hideously pointy growth in the middle of my face. Now it just looks like it belongs there.  Boy howdy, am I excited.

But why did it take me so long to accept my nose?  Furthermore, why does it take anyone this long?  I look at the women around me and if they’re not worried about their butts or bellies, they are worried about a tiny gap in their teeth or the chub on the underside of their upper arms or the shape of their eyebrows or their cup size.  Ladies, you look fine.  Great, actually.  You not only look it, but you are it.  Learn to stop insisting the only people who think so are people “who have to,” e.g. your family and friends.  People think you’re wonderful because you are.  Period.


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