Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Literally all videos this week… boring, I know.  Sorry everyone.

Cute videos: a slow loris being tickled and Autotuned cats.  Each of these has spawned an “adorable or terrifying?” debate among my friends –– there’s some controversy re: the appeal of a slow loris’s giant eyeballs or the yowling of cats set to electronica, which admittedly hold some weight –– but still, I cannot not enjoy these.

Pop culture videos: Jude Law reciting part of “Poker Face” on Jimmy Fallon’s show and a few days later, as a response, Christopher Walken reciting a different part of it on Jonathan Ross’s show.  How can I possibly choose one over the other?  On one hand, Jude Law has a better section to recite: he gets the “love glue gun” line and everything.   On the other, there is Christopher Walken and one of the spookiest voices alive.

An interesting intellectual video: Went on a hyperlink roadtrip the other day –– link to link to link to link –– and ended up at this presentation about constructions of masculinity in Disney animated movies.  Whenever Disney movies of my generation (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc) are studied from a gender perspective, it seems that the analysis is through a feminist lens, usually studying the effect of Disney Princesses and their representation of femininity on girls’ psyches –– which isn’t to be scoffed at, but I hadn’t really thought of the effect of Disney on boys’ psyches until the other day when I found this.  And to be fair, there’s a good amount of idealized masculinity that goes on in those movies too.

A television show about ad execs: This week it happened on Mad Men, what we’ve been waiting for over the past three seasons: November 22, 1963.  It was the Day Everything Changed, and not simply for the nation; for many of the characters, in particular Don and Betty, daily life will never be the same.  What a powerful episode, guys.  (Sunday night is the season finale, so you can just assume Mad Men will retain its Super Great spot next week.)


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