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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

I know, I know, the timing here is atrocious.  Super Great stuff goes up on Fridays, not Sunday nights/Monday mornings.  But the Internet access at my parents’ house was cut all weekend, due to an all-star combo of a crappy modem and howling high winds, and I couldn’t get back to campus until tonight, at which point I had to do a bunch of Internet-requiring homework that, due to aforementioned loss of high-speed, was actually a day or two late.

So there.

Anyway, I dig a lot of stuff this (last?) week!

Birthdays. Every year, I am re-surprised at how many people go out of their way to wish me a happy day, whether crossing paths between classes or on my Facebook wall.  Thank you!  You are awesome.

Thanksgiving break. Losing the Internet and getting way less work done than needed to be was a little stressful, but the rest of this Thursday/Friday/weekend was pretty wonderful: eating turkey! seeing my family! hanging out with the Doctor, the Professor and the Poet!  Even the somewhat disappointing Festival of Trees (which I had planned to retroactively liveblog, but oh well) was a good time.  (There was, in the same room, a small tree with singing hedgehogs made of pinecones, a JoBros tree and a Top Gun-esque Santa flying in a gigantic plane constructed of Christmas tree and plastic.  OBVIOUSLY it had to be a good time.)

Wedding cakes with programming code on them. I think this speaks for itself.

Tarnation. Boy howdy, what a good movie.  And Jonathan Caouette made this for $218, you guys.  On iMovie.  I don’t think this can be stressed enough.  iMovie!!

Nickelback. JKLOL!  Nickelback sucks.

December is National Awareness Month. Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that either.  Thank you, Onion!

Pontypool. Couldn’t stop thinking about this movie for about two days after seeing it.  A zombie film that addresses the prevalence and role of language in our daily lives?  Man, do I want to write a paper on this.  (But alas, I have to write my final film paper on Little Miss Sunshine.  “Alas” meaning not alas at all, in the way that actually, I love Little Miss Sunshine and the week I am writing that paper, it will probs pop up on that Friday’s list.)

The routine to “Whatcha Say” on SYTYCD. Over the break Mom caught me up on SYTYCD, meaning we watched the last two performance shows. Jakob and Ashleigh are the best.  Why have I not been watching the show this fall?  How could I have forgot?  I’ve been a fool, a classic fool.

Sweatshirts. I basically lived in pullover hoodies over the break.  Maybe I will live in them forever.  (I can but try.)



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an open letter to Lady Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga,

I hear that you are going to perform for the Queen.  Congratulations on being so wildly successful and awesome!  I can only imagine the millions of copies The Fame Monster has been selling this week (as it should, judging by “Monster” and the “Bad Romance” video).  But to be entirely honest, you make me feel a little lackluster –– how is it possible you are only a year older than I am?  I mean, holy crap.  When you factor in that The Fame dropped (and blew up) a year ago, when you were the same age I am now –– well, goodness gracious, does that make me and my peers look like epic failures.  What have we been doing with our lives?  Where are our awards and gigantic fanbase?  When might we achieve the sort of success that engenders weird shot-by-shot recreations of our efforts using The Sims 2 as a platform?  I fear the answer to that question is never.

I guess this letter doesn’t really have a point, now I think about it.

a lazy (lady) monster



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two things

1.  I am now at an age to be considered, by society at large, as a Real Live Adult Person.  As of last Saturday, which Rachel kindly pointed out (and for all of you who wished me a happy birthday, thank you!!).  It is a little scary, but I am working at it: already, I can feel myself getting a tiny bit more responsible. Example: I’ve been vying to make a pie for Thanksgiving, despite my reputation in the family for nondomesticity.  To which I say, I am not so bad at cooking anymore!  I in fact enjoy cooking these days!  But alas, my aunt has called shenanigans on the pie-making.  I have been relegated to the “appetizer” of cheese and crackers, “if you think you can handle that.  If it’s too much pressure, Heather, if it’s too much, don’t feel like you’re obligated.” (sigh)

Transitioning to a Real Live Adult, I think, is going to be difficult.

2.  I don’t know what this has to do with breast cancer, but my, is it enjoyable.  Look at how most of these people seem vaguely embarrassed at the beginning, and then how stoked they are at the end.

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Stuff Rachel Fucking Hates

Currently, I have six pages to send my advisor after two weeks. I’m just going to start putting “embarrassment” on my resumé.

Gyno exams/PAP tests. Am I right, ladies? Yes. I am right.

How early it gets dark lately. This happens every year; it really should not be a surprise at this point. But somehow it succeeds in being newly and horribly depressing every single time. Right now it is 5:15 and you would guess, just looking out the window, that it is 11 pm. Kind of makes you want to just crawl in bed/a hole and die, no?

I’m almost kind of seriously considering spending $32 on this. This is what my life has come to. Pining over kitchen items that a 55-year-old church matron would own, and not even really having the money for them. #iamawinner. But seriously you can make red velvet cupcakes in them and they look beautiful! Also, I may have put “yeast” on my christmas list.

This makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It’s like there’ s some secret male cabal inside a volcano somewhere that’s having meetings about how there actually are a few more or less positive role models for girls and women out there, and maybe we could undermine them by making sure you engage with them on a level that’s both sexualized AND infantilized. Upcoming models are “Baking Fun With Ruth Bader Ginsberg” and “Pretty and Picante! Cherríe Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa.” I hate everything.

Twilight, sort of. I have many conflicting feelings about Twilight, and I feel like this article encapsulates all of them. “Last night I was introduced to the concept of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. (One young woman near me was wearing fake blood and a homemade “I Love Jacob” t-shirt, and was drinking a forty.)” I mean, I have many reactions to that; that’s completely horrible, but also kind of great. I don’ t know! How do you feel?

Basically, although this was not a super awesome week by any means (GREs? What?), it is not unsalvageable. For instance, I bet you didn’t know that TODAY IS HEATHER’S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER, or that my internship bosses did THIS:

That is your birthday present, Heather. I hope you enjoy.


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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Brand-new permanent markers. It really bugs me when pens or markers start drying up but you have to use them anyway, due to a scarcity of writing utensils, and the office Rachel and I work in has been in that position for weeks. On Monday when I came in and discovered our bosses had replaced the old one, it felt like a mini-Christmas.

Teaching fellows. This week marked the end of both my discussion sections, which is kinda sad. (Yesterday when class ended our section group actually lingered, slowly gathering up their stuff and pausing before reluctantly heading out the door.) Shoutout to my awesome film TAs! I hope we bump into each other in the English office sometime.

David Sedaris. If he recorded more of his readings, I would actually subscribe to more than one podcast. I have been listening to his reading at the University of Michigan all week at work and seriously, it is hard not to start laughing.  I have to keep monitoring my face for big out-of-nowhere smiles just so my coworkers think I’m sane.

“Bad Romance” (still). I cannot stop listening to this song or watching the video.  At last count, I have heard it seven times today.

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let me tell you all about my proclivity for not finishing projects

I have a tendency to not finish things, regardless how enthused I am in the beginning.

Yes, I know: in that regard I am not unlike Harry Lockhart in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. But I digress –– I am taking too much time to get to the point, and thereby not finishing what I started, even here! The point being, back when we started this here ol’ blog in February (nine months ago! gee willikers!), we envisioned it with bonus extras of comics/sketches drawn by me and perhaps some occasional vlog content. Plus a weekly listing of what we Hate and Think Super Great, which went and continues to go quite nicely, as you may have noticed, all four of you regular readers. And Rachel’s Top Fives (an idea we didn’t even have in the very beginning, when we started this up) run quite regularly and nicely themselves. But the comics/sketches empire I originally envisioned consists of three silly finished drawings and one unfinished, albeit silly, comic strip about Newton Minow sitting in my top desk drawer. I started penciling Mr. Minow in early May and the comic is still only one panel long. Thus, I have concluded that perhaps it is time to let go of the dream. Clearly I am no Kate Beaton (not that I ever dared to imagine I was; Kate Beaton is the shiznat).

Anyway. Return to main discussion before I go off on how much I dig Kate Beaton. Rachel has her Top Fives column and I am no good at sticking to comics production, so I feel it is time to renounce said comics and come up with something else, something preferably written, a column-of-sorts of my own. But I don’t have time these days to stroke my chin and brainstorm themes for hours and thusly I turn to you, dear readers. Suggestions? What would you theoretically enjoy reading about, straight from me to you, on a sporadic basis? Presuming, of course, that this “sporadic basis” is less sporadic than the comics have turned out to be, but I am not worried about that, as writing comes much easier to me than sketching the wrinkle-lines on Newton Minow’s face.

Gee willikers, it’s 3:25! I am off to bed.


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