Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

“On My Own” (Les Mis) and “Maybe This Time” (Cabaret), respectively. How have I not learned to appreciate these songs until recently? I can’t even claim ignorance as an excuse, because I’d heard them before. It took Kristin Chenoweth and the Speedster to make me realize how great they are. Man, maybe I should not be so hard on Les Mis! Maybe there is a reason it’s the longest-running musical show on Broadway!

Mad Men. This week was all about the ladies, as Joan smashed a vase over her rapist husband’s head (YES!!), Roger actually turned down an ex-love in favor of marital fidelity (what? Mr. Sterling, way to finally respect women) and, in a riveting reversal of power, Betty confronted Don about his box o’ secrets/lies (!!!). And then when I expected Don to get all angry and defensive as per usual, he completely fell apart: cried and told Betty the whole truth. Don Draper CRIED. I can’t even imagine where the show will go from here.

“Whatcha Say,” Jason Derülo (feat. Imogen Heap). Three things I love: mashups, Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek,” and Autotuned R&B/hip hop. Therefore it follows that it is impossible for me not to enjoy this song. The sampled Imogen bit even happens to be my favorite part of “Hide and Seek”! I don’t know if I would listen to anything else by Jason Derülo, but whatevs. This song is awesomely catchy, even though Derülo is the kind of guy to sing his own name at the beginning of his music video.

Etgar Keret, The Girl on the Fridge. Keret’s a writer I keep hearing about, but I hadn’t read any of his stuff until a couple weeks ago and oh my, is it good. He has a talent at clubbing you over the head with his closing sentences. Go read “One Hundred Percent” or “Without Her” right now if you don’t believe me. Actually, no, go do it even if you do believe me. Get out of that computer chair right this very minute, young lady/gentleman.

SoulPancake. Have I talked about this already? SoulPancake’s a site started by Rainn Wilson, among others, to discuss the “big questions” in life. It’s quirky and interesting and I bookmarked it a long time ago, but hadn’t checked it out in months until this week, when I needed study breaks. Reading it feels like having an unexpectedly philosophical conversation with close friends, when you’re all sitting on the floor eating pizza and somehow you all end up discussing your beliefs and thoughts instead of playing Marry/Boff/Kill as per usual.

Sleep. If only I could do more of it.

Halloween is tomorrow! And you guys, I didn’t expect to find what I needed for a costume today at the drugstore, but it was totally there, you know, and now I am totes ready! I am going to be a Freudian slip. What about you? (On a related note, spooky/morbid songs with children singing on the chorus, a lá “In the Room Where You Sleep” or “The Hazards of Love III,” are pretty sweet. I don’t know enough of them to make a Halloween playlist, but ah well. I could always go the generally-spooky route and tack on “Airport Song.”)



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3 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Batia

    1)I am maybe embarrassingly close to being an Etgar Keret fangirl? And he came to campus last year (while we were abroad of course). But I have all of his books should you want to read more.

    2) Last week’s Mad Men was so intense! After I finished watching it I needed a moment to digest what had just happened. All the stories played out so unexpectedly and John Hamm was AMAZING.

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