feared science

Guys, learning Blender is hard.  Even at the computer kind of science, I am not very good.  But I have to learn to be, because I am creating a 3D short film about a dancing robot!  Hopefully the professor takes pity on my humanities-studying ass and gives me an A for effort.



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4 responses to “feared science

  1. Rachel

    omg science is so hard! i’m actually super impressed by your 3D class, though. the last project i saw of yours looked incredibly cool, def way cooler than anything i can write in C after like ten weeks. i think my most impressive accomplishment so far has been having the computer print out a triangle made of asterisks.

    • Peter

      To be honest, her projects are more impressive than anything I have made. I’m glad my parents haven’t seen what Heather has done, so that they can still pretend to be impressed by crappy autosonatas.

      • Heather

        but that’s all the software! it’s not me so much. it’s the software — when it’s not trying to turn every model I make bright purple, like it is now — that makes it look fancy.

  2. Peter

    “Even at the one true kind of science, I am…”

    Fixed that for you.

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