Stuff Rachel Likes

I know this isn’t really supposed to be my thing, per se, but sometimes stuff is nice, you know?

My friends are really great, you guys. Like, I don’t think I talk about this enough. They buy me flowers and mangoes and travel across half the country just to see me for a weekend and make me raspberry pancakes and wash my dishes without my having asked and wear paper crowns with me and put up with my incessant and childish whining about how I don’t have a winter coat. What more could you ask for?

Sometimes you have been looking for a good pair of boots for a long time and you find them but they’re out of your size but then your size is available again and it makes you so happy!

Speaking of online shopping, I just got this in the mail and I love it. It turns out buying things on the internet is probably the fastest way to make me happy!

Lady Gaga is releasing a new single and Tegan and Sara are coming out with a whole new album, motherfuckers! It is called Sainthood and it is going to be the best ever. As I recently shared in a particularly melodramatic Twitter post, “sometimes i feel like no one in this world loves anything the way i love tegan&sara. haha jk. but really.”

Chickpeas! I’m going to eat some

There is a dosa place opening in my town! This is exciting! Dosa are a delicious South Indian food that is really hard to find in the US because it is not the kind of butter paneer Bombay chicken masala whatever that Americans think is so exotic-and-yet-nonthreatening and love to eat. (Which, I mean, I do too.) WHATEVER there is a dosa shop opening near me, and I will be able to fill my mouth with dosa until I am physically ill and unable to move once again. This makes me deliriously happy.

This kind of squash that is huge and ugly and kind of amazing: I found it at the grocery store this weekend, and it was so astonishingly unattractive that it was actually very compelling and I was obsessed with it, kind of like people are about pugs or loud paisley prints! Here is a picture!




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3 responses to “Stuff Rachel Likes

  1. emma

    420 eat chickpeas everyday.

  2. Batia

    DOSA! (also idli)

  3. Heather

    that map/valentine is super awesome.

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