Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Sorry I’m so bad at posting on time, guys!  I promise that next week I will be on top of things and actually do this on Friday, like I am supposed to.

The Heimlich Maneuver. Have you ever witnessed a loved one choking?  It is fucking scary.  But thanks to Dr. Heimlich, you do not have to watch them die.  Learn it if you don’t already know.

Goodwill. Both the abstract noun and the store chain.  (A sweater for $4!)

Christmas music. Confession: I am one of those people who cannot wait a whole year for the holidays, one of those people who gets obnoxiously peppy come December, and as such I have a tendency to break out the holiday music whenever I like.  Last year I set a personal record and didn’t actually listen to it until late October, but this year I only made it until September 28.  (Still, better than most years.)  Except that now, holiday music reminds me of London, as I was abroad there for the holiday season last year.  So the songs that should make me happy now make me nostalgic (which isn’t all bad, as nostalgia itself is a kind of happy sadness/sad happiness.  And yes, Rachel, I just alluded to Michael ChabonAgain).

Kneesocks. These always remind me of, simultaneously, of Catholic schools, Britney Spears’ “Baby, One More Time” and the Libby character on Sabrina the Teenage Witch –– there’s a subtext of schoolgirl sexualization I associate with kneesocks that has always left me uninterested in wearing them.  But my mom bought me a pair recently and they are so comfortable!  And they’re kind of ugly, which is the best part.  Nobody’s sexualizing my knees, no way nohow.

Flannel pajamas. Apparently, this week I am just really into childhood regression?   Christmas, kneesocks, pjs…. goodness.  But to be fair, it has gotten much colder this week; the official switch from Summer to Fall has been flipped, and while the trees have got some catching up to do (where’s all the orange, my friends? the red?), the temperature is keeping up with the times.  So I don’t care if I look silly and retrograde in my patterned flannel pajamas.  They are warm and long-sleeved.

Chris Rock, Lisa Kudrow and Kirstie Alley. Along with Kate Harding, the conservative media, the people at FilmDrunk, and everyone else who sees Roman Polanski for the child rapist he is.  Not to beat you dear readers over the head with this thing, but it needs to be done if people don’t get what a problem this is.  Rape culture, anyone?


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  1. Rachel

    “And they’re kind of ugly, which is the best part. Nobody’s sexualizing my knees, no way nohow.”

    My favorite ever

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