Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Sorry this is so late, you guys, but I had to go to a wedding this weekend and it left no time for blogging.  However!  That brings us to the first item on this week’s list, which is

Weddings. Man, I love love.  And I especially love it when the two people legalizing their love are people I like very much.  Such were the circumstances surrounding the wedding I went to this weekend, which involved a rose garden with sparkle-lit gazebo and several friends I haven’t seen in ages.  (The Filmmaker was there!!)  And the DJ who insisted that, instead of clinking glasses, a table of guests must sing a song with the word “love” in it in order to get the bride and groom to kiss –– cuing the wedding party to break into the Barney theme –– or the eccentric dancing grandpa-of-the-groom who ended the night singing songs he made up over the standard wedding-reception soundtrack?  Those were pretty sweet bonuses.  I danced so exuberantly, people may have mistaken me for a drinker.

Seeing the Filmmaker and the Soldier both in the same place at the same time. What a novelty!  Today after the wedding brouhaha wore off, the three of us met the Professor for lunch.  Weird and wonderful and honestly, kind of a whirlwind.

That’s Gay with Bryan Safi. Also on Current’s Infomania, this looks to be the homosexual male version of “Target Women.”  Sarah Haskins, scooch over a tiny bit.

Glee. I know all the critics are in love with this show, but I happen to be also.  Well, no: I am in like with it.  Some of the subplots are being rushed/not scooped to their full potential, and sometimes the “we are nerds/nerds are people too” message seems a bit too pointed (MERCEDES! When Kurt outs himself to you and says he’s never told anyone else before that he’s gay, you should HUG him!  Being all, “You should tell everybody else now, because glee club is for People Who Believe in Themselves!!” is not the right thing to say!), but… well, the covers are crazy-awesome.  Did you hear them do “Gold Digger” or “Don’t Stop Believin'”?  Man, the “Aca-fellas” episode got “I Want to Sex You Up” stuck in my head all day.  And I normally hate that song.

When I walk by a large bush and dozens of tiny brown birds whoosh out, only to settle on the tree two feet away. Always a nice moment, but particularly so on a sunny day (two of which we had this week).

The chorus of “Dead and Gone.” Heard this on the radio this afternoon.  I’m not a fan of T.I., the dude who apparently does this song, but damn, am I a fan of Justin Timberlake’s hooks.  Okay?  I said it.


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