Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Inglourious Basterds. Two and a half hours of wracked nerves, due in good part to Christoph Waltz’s portrayal of SS officer/main villain Hans Landa.  At one point in the film the man ordered a glass of milk and I nearly shoved a fist in my mouth for something to gnaw on when the going got bloody.  But never have I felt more pumped about ultraviolence than at the end of that movie.

A Very Potter Musical. A big round of applause to the good people of UMichigan that put this on and my roommate the Speedster, who showed it to me on YouTube (in 23 parts).  So ridiculous and silly!  So genius! Special encore ovations to whoever played Voldemort, Quirrell, and Malfoy, and also whoever combined the names “Zac” and “Efron” into “Zefron.”

Açai juice. Something my mom’s been going on about for months, since apparently açai is the primary example of what they call a “superfruit.”  From what I can tell, this means it is taking over the fruit juice scene.  Açai is the new mango (which once was the new cranberry, which was once the new orange, and the new apple).  Apparently this berry from South America has more nutrients?  Point being, it is tasty and good for you.

Going to the gym. Okay, so my exercise plan for the summer failed pretty hard.  But it is a new school year and I have a workout buddy now!  Could this be my new thing?  Maybe this could be my new thing.

Yakisoba. Rachel, I concede.  You are right.  Yakisoba is delicious.

Q&A, Vikas Swarup. Yes, this is the novel Slumdog Millionaire‘s based on.  The actual story’s radically different, though, even with the same basic premise (dirt-poor Mumbai teen does really well on quiz show, gets arrested and interrogated, recounts entire life).  Example?  In the book there’s no Latika, and the protagonist is named Ram rather than Jamal.  I know: your mind is blown.  Better go and collect the splatterpieces, though, and read the book.  Swarup’s narrative reads like a film, and the difference in plotline makes Q&A about as suspenseful as Danny Boyle’s adaptation.

Etsy. Discovered this site the other night and browsed until about 4am.  It felt like such a find!  And then I talked to Rachel.  (“Hey –– have you ever heard of”  “Yes.  Years ago. [turns to the State] Isn’t it great when you discover something way after everyone else, then tell someone about it who almost definitely would know about it already?”  The State: “Hey, Heather, a man walked on the moon.  ON THE MOON.”)



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3 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Rachel

    wait, is ram/jamal/the protagonist hindu in the book version? this is a big deal

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