Guys sorry I have not written things on the internet for like four days but I have been distracted by how crazy shit is. Let me tell you about it:


There is now an L Word reality show. If you have never watched/don’t care about The L Word, you maybe do not understand how insane this is. IT IS TOTALLY INSANE. This is kind of like someone watching, I don’t know, Total Recall and thinking “Let’s have six people do that in real life in LA!” I have many feelings about this. If you also have feelings about “The Real L Word” or Ilene “Crazy Bitch” Chaiken, we should talk. Also many other people are talking about their feelings on the matter over at Autostraddle because they’re having a comment contest and it is kind of hilarious.

There is a store near my house with “over six kinds of feta cheese.” I just found this out last night and am still processing. I didn’t know there were kinds of feta cheese. Also, isn’t that kind of cryptic? “Over six?” That could be any number. There could be infinite kinds. I need to lie down.

America’s Best Dance Crew apparently did a Bollywood theme this week oh man! I have not watched it yet but I am so excited also Lil Mama apparently pulled some transphobic shit on Leiomy which is not okay because Leiomy is my favorite this is too much for me

My little brother is going to college! I am helping him move in this Sunday. Guys I still remember when he was like five and I tried to show off how I could do a flip on the playset right on top of him and he could be miraculously unharmed and I accidentally fell on him anyways and made him cry! But he is still friends with me! I gave him my old toaster oven to take with him, that will probably ensure that his first year is prosperous and fortuitous, right? Oh man I am kind of freaking out

Stay tuned for more stuff! It will probably not be as crazy as this though because seriously how could it be!


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