in which my life is a joke

Some days my life feels chock-a-block of potential enterprises and adventures and get-togethers.  And then other days it feels like nothing more than a pattern of wearing wide-leg jeans, sacrificing That Production Class I Really Want to Take in favor of a more sensible Class About Language, then going home and realizing that half of my worldly possessions are dyed in varying shades of red or pink.  Seriously: I only have to turn my head right now to see my coral purse, pink retro-ironic sunglasses, and pink notebook lying on top of my magenta comforter.  Guys, I think I have a problem.

Oh, and did I mention that immediately following this observation, I realized that my (patterned) cardigan matches my wallet?



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2 responses to “in which my life is a joke

  1. Rachel

    I thought you meant that you had accidentally stained all your clothes in the laundry. Which would have been way worse than just realizing you have a predeliction for warm colors. I can’t spell predeliction. Prediliction? Predilicious?

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