summer in list form

Oh man I move back to school in two days,  summer is basically over and I have still not been to a bonfire on the beach and I only have 48 more hours to wash my car in a bikini! I guess it is time to make lists.

Books read: 17. I think.

Times my computer has stopped working: 3. IN ONE SUMMER

Internships: 4, if you count the one that is technically for the fall but which I have already started

Peach-based desserts made: 5

Words written on thesis: ~19,500. I stopped using pagecounts because the formatting is so fucked up that it’s inaccurate. But many words.

Number of Smitten Kitchen recipes made: many! I am happy about this

Mangoes eaten: like nine? This was good, but I can do better

Times I have washed a car in a bikini: ZERO, I have failed at summer

Times I have driven to the airport to pick someone up and gotten lost: 2. Which was 100% of the times.

Times I have seen Heather: Like two? Three? Not enough.

Tracks on the new Regina CD that I hadn’t heard before: 8!

Games of croquet played: 2! Okay one and a half. I was born to be a Victorian maiden (and then move to India and play cricket with Aamir Khan!)

Times I have listened to “Obsessed” and “Birthday Sex”: I’m embarrassed to tell you!

Birthdays had: 1! It was  great one. I had a balloon! And ravioli! And the waitress couldn’t figure out how to read my ID!

Bouquets of flowers left secretly on the hood of my car while I was at work: 1. Man, this has been a great summer.

If you are interested in quantifying your own summer in a meaningful way, Autostraddle has helpfully created a summer scavenger hunt that will assist you in determining if your summer was awesome. Also if you did manage to wash your car in a bikini and have a picture of it you can get it on the INTERNET, which let’s be real is what you’ve always wanted. Make it happen. I LOVE YOU ALL I HAVE TO GO PACK NOW GOODNIGHT SWEET DREAMS


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  1. Batia

    John Abraham in 2004 on Aamir Khan(‘s body): “Aamir Khan is perfect the way he is. He is superb.” Also from this interview:
    Karan Johar:People find John Abraham sexy because…
    JA: he’s honest.
    Clearly, he has forgotten the legs.

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