Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Mad Men. The wait for the third season was worth it for the Sal plotline alone. Oh my God, pretty much every scene with Sal in it broke my heart.

The scenes with Godric and with Hoyt’s mom on True Blood this week. Autostraddle pretty much sums it up. Goodbye, Godric, goodbye. Wish I’d gotten to see more of you, but you went gracefully. And as for you, Hoyt’s mom? You can drown in your own tears and beers, lady.

“Somebody’s Watching Me,” Rockwell. The result of combining music that belongs in a video game with paranoia and the adenoids of someone who should perform “The Monster Mash.” Best lines include “When I’m in the shower I’m afraid to wash my hair” and, in a very let’s-give-spookiness-the-old-college-try voice, “Is the MAILMAN watching me?!… The IRS?!”

My parents. Sometimes –– okay, a lot of times –– I underestimate them. But they are good people.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Missed the boat on this one, I know, but after swimming a very long while I have at last managed to grab hold to a porthole outcrop and now cannot stop binge-viewing. The people on this show are stupidly, shockingly, hilariously reprehensible. Suggested alternate title: Activities One Should Never, Ever Do in Real Life, Including But Not Limited to Putting a Baby in a Tanning Bed (Even Just to Get a Base!), Stabbing Someone with a Fork, Imitating a Priest, and Riding Around in Wheelchairs You Don’t Need in Order to Play on Women’s Sympathies and Thusly Seduce Them.

This diagram.

Thank you, Indexed! You’ve done it again. Good going!

The Kid Wonder’s skill set. Clearly superior to mine, as demonstrated by sawing trees, beating my ass at Mario Kart, and naming snails (Francesca, Naomi, and Gary being a select few). Also, holding his breath while snorkeling.


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