the (motion) picture of Dorian Gray

Guys, can we talk about this?


1. I agree that Ben Barnes is really hot –– boy, is he –– but (and feel free to call me a purist here) Dorian Gray is blond. Blond. Why do Hollywood directors keep insisting on hiring brunette actors to play the part? (Oh, wait. Because when they can find a blond actor, they end up with Simon from 7th Heaven.)
2. Colin Firth will be bitchin’ as Lord Henry. You rock that bearded devil, Colin.
4. This looks like a Victorian horror movie. I don’t know how okay I am with that, but I’ll see it anyway. It’s got Colin Firth, and anyway, it’s got to be better than that postmodern, portrait-becomes-art-installation-of-televisions indie they made with the aforementioned David Gallagher a few years ago. (I mean –– televisions? Come on.)


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  1. Rachel

    this is not entirely related, but i wanted to let you know belatedly that you were right and the Where The Wild Things Are trailer is awesome

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