look, i can’t always be a trailblazer, okay?

Not to pander to gender stereotypes that claim women adore chocolate and  romantic drama, but honestly?  Sometimes I cannot think of anything I would prefer to do more than what I did tonight after work, which was eat Half Baked while watching Titanic.  I don’t care who says it’s schlocky, I fucking love that movie.  (Even if, in retrospect, my penchant towards “high standards” [as my friends call it] likely originates at least in part to exposure to Jack Dawson at an early age, and thus, as Chuck Klosterman argues in the first chapter of Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, romance movies claim yet another person’s chance at a real, satisfactory, grounded relationship.  Tell that to Celine Dion, Chuck.)



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2 responses to “look, i can’t always be a trailblazer, okay?

  1. Emma

    1. never apologize for loving titanic. the billy zane scenes alone…cinema of the highest level.
    2. however, chuck klosterman has never known what’s up:

    • Heather

      1. Billy Zane is a master of villainy. He should have played Dr. Doom, not stupid Julian McMahon, and made the Fantastic Four movie acceptable all by his own self.

      2. That slideshow was awesome.

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