Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Guys, how did it get to be Friday already?!  I don’t know how that happened.  The past seven days have just been a whirl of words and sleep and visitors.  And clearing out the old, which has been way more of a project than I would have expected.  But I digress: you are here to read stuff I dig, not stuff I use for excuses.

Shoot or Be Shot!. A C-level movie the Professor and I discovered, starring William Shatner as an escaped mental patient/aspiring screenwriter/gunman, Harry Hamlin as a sellout director/perv and some guy with a soul patch as a visionary director/layabout who lives with his mom.  Bad hair decisions and failed attempts at foreign accents abound!  Also, clunky romantic subplots.  Also, bullets.  I couldn’t figure out if this was intentionally or unintentionally bad; you check it out and let me know.

How This Night is Different, Elisa Albert. I read/bought her novel, The Book of Dahlia, last year and have been wanting to read this collection of stories since, particularly in the few weeks after writing camp as she came to give a reading and, turns out, is an incredibly nice person.  I lost it a little –– practically spat –– over the film adaptation of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and she still talked to me afterward, as if I had not turned into a sort of angry minotaur!  So there’s that.  But even if I hadn’t met her, I would have Thought this book Super Great.  The stories all deal with Jewish rituals (which I have not attended, not even a bar/bat mitzvah, since at the appropriate time I didn’t know anyone who was having one well enough to get invited) and felt very relatable, even to a gentile girl like me.  The family dynamics and various relationships that go on during these events felt universal, though the specificity of dialogue and background detail makes sure these characters won’t be lumped with any others.  Reminded me a bit of George Saunders, in a weird way: how his characters feel what you would, but they are all very clearly themselves.  Favorites: “So Long,” “We Have Trespassed.”

This ASW comic. Made me laugh out loud.  Joey Comeau, how do you know what I am thinking?!

At-home “spa days.” Painted my nails for the first time in like two and a half years.  Even my toes!  Can we talk about how much better feet look when you’ve painted your toenails?  They look so, so much better.

Seeing the Photog. Second time I’ve seen her all year!  We went out for excellent Mexican food (don’t say we can’t make tasty ethnic food because this is a forested, homogenous state!) and then hung out for a while.  She is Super Great all the time, so.

Three-way calling. Guys, you can do this on cell phones.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before, but you can!  I called the Filmmaker last night to discover she was on the other line with the Soldier, who she promptly patched through.  Man, do I miss those ladies!!  Haven’t talked to them together for a very, very long time; we’ve advanced to the stage of our lives in which two of us talk to each other about the missing third person.  Listening to the Soldier talk about her crazy neighbor calling Animal Control on her for not picking up enough of her (the Soldier’s) dogs’ poop in her (the Soldier’s) own backyard, while knowing the Filmmaker was listening too?  An absurd moment of happiness.

Finally getting things done. When cleaning out my closet: “Oh my God!  So that’s where Weird Al’s autograph has been all this time!”  When making a collage for the dorm, thereby covering the floor in scraps and detritus: “This will take days to clean up; I really should have planned this better.”  (But the collage looks pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself.)


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