maybe i will just change my thesis to be about youtube!

I should be working on my thesis right now – I’d like to get out 7,000-10,000 more words before the end of summer – but I’m not. This is a good thing for you! Instead of hearing me whine about my thesis, you get to see the videos I’ve been enjoying lately.

Featured on Feministing, here’s a super-sassy and super-awesome video of two charming and hilarious transgendered people providing helpful answers to the questions that they get asked pretty much constantly. Even if you don’t care about the daily invasions of privacy that transgendered people are subjected to, you will laugh out loud at this. “Well, I was actually raised by wolves, so…”

Also, Lady Gaga! I mostly put this up to try to defend my irrational love of her music; I feel like it proves that aside from the fact that she is weirder than My Little Ponies on acid, she also has a really great voice. (Although if you’re only interested in the weirdness, you will still find this satisfying. People, she has an elephant on her head.) (Also, does this not really remind you of the Japanese talk show scene from Lost In Translation?)

Hey, it’s Shark Week! That means it’s time for ridiculous youtube videos! Aside from the fact that this is about punching a shark, it features other great things, like the fact that the shark costume has been realistically outfitted with several rows of teeth, or like the pretty blond lady kind of looks like she’s giving a handjob to an imaginary unicorn horn about 15 seconds in.

There you go! I hope if you were having a more productive day than I was that I managed to sabotage it!


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One response to “maybe i will just change my thesis to be about youtube!

  1. Heather

    i like how the acoustic version of “Poker Face” is clearly just the words to the song set to an entirely different tune. (also dug the elephant.)

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